Pip's Phonics Action Frieze

The Pip’s Phonics Action Frieze is a useful tool to help the children remember the sounds using TPR (total physical response). The actions presented on the Pip’s Phonics Action Frieze are based on the course jingles and they promote fine and gross motor skill development as well as serving as a fantastic mnemonic for learning the sounds in a fun way.

In order to maximize learning opportunities, all the action pictures can be both projected individually on the IWB and printed in full colour or as a line-drawing. Each sound can be viewed with or without the corresponding letter(s). The audio for each sound is also available at the click of a button!

Suggestions to get the most from the Pip’s Phonics Action Frieze:

  • Use the Pip’s Phonics Action Frieze on the IWB to introduce each new sound and action.
  • Print each action out as you learn the sound and build up a poster for your class to revisit regularly.
  • Print the line-drawing version to get the children to colour the actions and create their own action booklet to take home and share with their parents. Full instructions on how to do each action are provided on the back.

The Pip’s Phonics Action frieze is only available for PC use
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